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Hotel-casino Rizal Park Hotel

A hotel-casino is a facility that integrates hotel and casino services. It usually has guest rooms and suites, restaurants, bars, and a gaming floor with table games and slots. A hotel-casino concept aims to provide guests with a one-stop destination for lodging, dining, and entertainment. Furthermore, Manila and its surrounding cities, collectively known as Metro Manila, have long been popular tourist destinations. One of the Philippines’ fastest-growing industries is casino gaming. The emergence of the integrated resort, or mega-hotel-casino property, has contributed to an increase in tourism. In addition to the standard casino pits games such as craps, roulette, and blackjack, Filipino casinos offer popular local favorites such as Baccarat, Sabong Cards, and more. Wondering which ones to go to? Here are my reviews of affordable but luxurious 5 hotel-casino that I tried. Take the opportunity to visit one of these the next time you’re in the Philippines on vacation!


Networld Hotel Spa and Casino house Nihongo-speaking managers, and staff who are well-trained in Japanese service. It is tucked merely 10 minutes away from the Embassy of Japan. Furthermore, This hotel-casino has 89 cosmopolitan rooms that were all influenced by the 20th Century’s function-centric design philosophy. It is also close to Manila Zoo, World Trade Center, CCP Grounds, and Star City. Inside the Networld Hotel Spa and Casino, you have access to anything you want. At Kaishu Restaurant, savor the flavors of authentic Japanese food, rejuvenate your senses at SM Kenko Spa, and indulge your palate with pastries and coffee from Le Amoretto Café and Bar. Another excellent casino where you may have a blast is Networld Casino (under Casino Filipino), which is open 24/7 to players. Networld Hotel Spa and Casino also provides transportation services to well-known tourist locations and activity centers in the Philippines.

Although the facility is already showing its 2-decade age through some obviously in-need renovation areas, I can still clearly see its glory from the early days. Especially the lobby! It was my favorite part of the building. The post-renaissance-inspired interior of the lobby gives me a very homey but elegant rich people living room vibes! Kudos to the Hotel-casino manager for giving us an ocular visit to some of the available rooms and amenities they have like the Le Amoretto cafe and the spa. We booked their standard room (Php 2,900) and have no complaints! It was clean and classic. The bed is also spacious and can fit 2 adults. I observed that the AC isn’t on until the guest comes in, which is a wise way to conserve electricity.


  • STANDARD ROOM (Php 2,900 / night) – Maximum Capacity: 1 pax
  • DELUXE ROOM (Php 3,700 / night) – Maximum Capacity: 2 pax
  • EXECUTIVE ROOM (Php 4,200 / night) – Maximum Capacity: 2 pax
  • SUPER DELUXE ROOM (Php 4,400 / night) – Maximum Capacity: 2 pax
  • ROYAL ROOM (Php 4,800 / night) – Maximum Capacity: 2 pax
  • PENTHOUSE (Php 5,500 / night) – Maximum Capacity: 4 pax


  • LE AMORETTO CAFE BAR and Restaurant offers free wi-fi and will prepare your tastebuds for East-meets-West dishes adapted to Filipino taste while you sit back, unwind, and relax.
  • KAISHU RESTAURANT is a great find for foodies looking for the Washoku experience of aesthetics and flavor, which only their Japanese executive chef can give.
  • SM KENKO SPA has distinctive, restorative, and genuinely top-notch services, which they have prided themselves on for the past 21 years.
  • NETWORLD CASINO offers guests exclusive access to hundreds of cutting-edge slot machines and lives blackjack and baccarat betting tables.


The Manila Grand Opera Hotel is built on the site of the Manila Grand Opera House, a significant political landmark that hosted American officials and served as the venue for the first Philippine Assembly in the 1900s. This hotel-casino has 8 floors and 205 rooms, making it an excellent choice for both business and pleasure travel. The Manila Grand Opera Hotel & Casino opened its doors in 2018. It provides a variety of lodging options, including spacious rooms and suites outfitted with modern amenities for a comfortable stay. The hotel also offers a variety of on-site dining options that serve both local and international cuisine. For guests to relax and unwind, there is also a fitness center, a spa, and a swimming pool. Furthermore, the hotel is close to the city’s most popular tourist attractions and business districts, making it an excellent choice for both leisure and business travelers.

Right away, I noticed that they have a strict privacy protocol as they interrupted us in filming. As soon as we made clear our intentions, they gladly upgraded our room to a newly renovated one. The staff also assisted us with their amenities such as the pool, the Karaoke Bar, and the huge functions rooms. Even though they just recently opened, the design interior and exterior are somehow outdated but still look elegant.


  • PREMIER ROOM (PHP 2,500 / night) – Maximum Capacity: 2 pax
  • PREMIER DELUXE ROOM (PHP 2,800 / night) – Maximum Capacity: 2 pax
  • MAJESTIC TWIN ROOM (PHP 3,000 / night) – Maximum Capacity: 2 pax
  • MAJESTIC ROOM DELUXE (PHP 3,200 / night) – Maximum Capacity: 2 pax
  • EMPRESS SUITE (PHP 4,000 / night) – Maximum Capacity: 2 pax
  • EMPEROR SUITE (PHP 5,000 / night) – Maximum Capacity: 2 pax


  • CIRCA 1900 BAR & RESTAURANT offers Filipino and Chinese Cuisine and drinks, with a theme or decor inspired by the early 20th century. The name suggests a nostalgic or vintage ambiance, evoking the era around the year 1900.
  • THE NEW PRESIDENT SHARKSFIN SEAFOOD RESTAURANT is a seafood restaurant with a focus on serving dishes that feature shark fins.
  • MANILA GRAND ORIENTAL CASINO has a theme or decor inspired by Asian culture. It is a venue for gambling, offering games such as slot machines, poker, blackjack, and roulette.


Winford Manila Resort and Casino offers 18 floors featuring 128 exquisite rooms and suites. Each room features modern décor with subtle color and theme accents for an Asian touch. Guests may also enjoy their Deluxe Rooms’ seclusion and comfort or the Executive Suites’ luxurious, upscale style. Winford Hotel-casino held a soft opening on January 2016, with a grand opening on April 2017. Moreover, their casino is the place to be if you’re looking for some excitement. There is something for everyone with a wide range of games available, including slot machines, poker, blackjack, and roulette. Aside from gaming, the hotel and casino provide a variety of other entertainment options, such as live shows, concerts, and events. There is never a dull moment at Winford Hotel & Casino because there is always something going on. The place is great and modern, however, my experience turns everything down for me.

We have no complaints about the facilities (they are jump-packed!) except for the parking. They only have one ramp that accommodates both going in and out cars so we had to wait until all the cars going up are parked. What more if there are a lot of cars in the queue? Also, we already called, sent an e-mail, and messaged them on Facebook days prior to the filming however, they always say they will get back to us but didn’t. We took a chance on the day itself but we still had to wait until night, waited 6 hours from arrival to get the approval for filming. Staff was even not allowing us to take photos of the views because they thought we were filming already. It was kinda disappointing because we were just taking photos for our own personal keeps.

Lastly, they didn’t let me in the casino because I was wearing sandals that show ankles and toes which I understand. But I also saw a lot of people wearing slippers inside. All the inconveniences totally ruined the experience. We love the place but we didn’t get to enjoy it and went home upset. Upon approval, only one of our staff stayed so he can have an ocular visit and film one of the rooms. He himself had his fair share of inconveniences as the staff in the casino kept on passing him to one another when he asked where he could redeem the welcome drinks. Due to his frustration, he ended up buying beers instead!


  • DELUXE ROOM (PHP 6,300 / night) – Maximum Capacity: 2 pax
  • EXECUTIVE SUITE (PHP 8,300 / night) – Maximum Capacity: 2 pax


  • SPA
  • BALLROOMS can afford up to 600 pax, perfect for special occasions and gatherings.
  • CASINO Choose from a variety of entertainment choices, including numerous slot machines and traditional table games like Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette.
  • THE HIPPODROME BAR & LOUNGE – It’s the ideal location to unwind with a refreshing beer or your preferred cocktail in a stylish and lively setting.
  • ZABANA BAR – Chill out to Live acoustic music and freshly grilled BBQ while enjoying your favorite drinks and snack delights in Winford Hotel & Casino’s air pool bar.
  • COPA DE MANILA BUFFET – The restaurant features some of the best meals in Manila, from the most intriguing Chinese culinary favorites to the rich flavors of Spain.


The hotel-casino has a contemporary design and spacious rooms with all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay, such as flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi, and 24-hour room service. The New Coast Hotel, in addition to its comfortable rooms and consumer experience, provides a variety of on-site dining options, including a stylish restaurant serving international cuisine, a cozy bar serving drinks and light bites, and a 24-hour coffee shop. Moreover, they provide a fitness center with the most up-to-date equipment, including cardiovascular and whole-body machines, a 25-meter outdoor lap pool, a kids’ pool, a soothing whirlpool, and reviving spa and massage services to make vacations more delightful. The comfortable and tastefully constructed accommodations in each of the 298 guestrooms, complemented by well-appointed bathrooms with their big shower and bath facilities, perfectly encapsulate their warm and refined generosity. Travelers on business and tourists alike call the New Coast Hotel home.

Moreover, It has a business center that can take care of all your needs, from office supplies and photocopying to secretarial and translation assistance, as well as complimentary Internet service in your room and throughout the hotel, making working a little easier.


  • SUPERIOR ROOM (PHP 4,227.65 / night) – Maximum Capacity: 2 pax
  • DELUXE KING (No price in site and agoda)
  • PREMIER SUITE (PHP 8,699.19 / night) – Maximum Capacity: 2 pax
  • BAY VIEW SUITE (PHP 9,512.20 / night) – Maximum Capacity: 2 pax
  • EXECUTIVE KING SUITE (City & Bayview) (PHP 17,886.18 / night) – Maximum Capacity: 2 pax
  • PRESIDENTIAL SUITE (PHP 40,650.41 / night) – Maximum Capacity: 2 pax


  • .OUTDOOR SWIMMING POOL- a 25-meter outdoor lap pool, a kids’ pool, and a soothing whirlpool.
  • FITNESS CENTER – The fitness center at Club Oasis is a cutting-edge space with the newest cardio and bodyweight exercise equipment.
  • THE BALLROOM – It has a ceiling height of 6.3 meters and measures 624 sqm. Moreover, this location has a seating capacity of 500 people and a cocktail capacity of 700 people.
  • MARKET CAFE – Their chefs can take you on a culinary journey of Chinese, Japanese, Western, Korean, and Filipino cuisine as well as a variety of delectable sweets using the freshest products from neighborhood markets.
  • POOL BAR – You can also order a cool, exotic tropical drink after a few laps in the pool or a fast dip, and then peruse the menu for light salads, barbecued dishes, Asian delicacies, and grilling classics.
  • CHAMELEON – The ground floor of the New Coast Hotel Manila houses the freshly opened multipurpose hangout area in the Metro. For a meeting, coffee, refreshments, and snacks, just drop by.


The Rizal Park Hotel‘s historic structure formerly served as the “heart of the American military’s social life” in the Philippines. It had a swimming pool, a tennis court, a dining area, a ballroom, and even a barbershop when it was still known as the Army and Navy club. The hotel-casino also had sleeping quarters for military families. It has 110 exquisitely decorated rooms that each have a distinctive colonial-era décor that transports visitors back in time while providing the utmost comfort, elegance, and joy. Additionally, it contains a spa, a coffee shop, a sky bar, a courtyard, event halls, a gym, a casino, a marina, and a restaurant called Café Rizal that serves mouthwatering dishes with Chinese fine cuisine. These amenities are all completely equipped for entertainment. Rizal Park Hotel’s building has been long-standing since 1911 but was just recently renovated as a hotel-casino in July 2017. 

This is by far my favorite pick among all the hotel-casino we went to. Although there was a little hiccup in getting the vlogging approval faster, everything went smoothly afterward. It felt as though we had an ocular visit and tour guide at the same time when one of their staff guided us to the other rooms. He answered our questions as much as he can with some trivia and facts! They will also make you feel welcome right as you step foot inside! The interior and exterior are superb, showing old colonial style and elegance. Every area we went to smells good and was very clean! We can tell that the place is well maintained despite how large the structure is. Amenity-wise, aside from stated above, they have an infinity pool and children’s playground too. As of writing, the casino is temporarily closed. Hopefully, they will re-open soon.

It was really nice for them to give us an upgrade of the room, letting us have a view of Manila Bay. We also ate dinner at their rooftop restaurant and had a buffet breakfast in their Cafe Rizal. Moreover, they have a wide selection of food choices including pasta, pizza, coffee, wine, and more. We’d definitely come back here!


  • DELUXE ROOM (PHP 14,760 / night) – Maximum Capacity: 2 pax
  • CLUB KING ROOM (PHP 17,720 / night) – Maximum Capacity: 2 pax
  • CLUB TWIN ROOM (PHP 18,450 / night) – Maximum Capacity: 2 pax
  • JUNIOR SUITE (PHP 18,450 / night) – Maximum Capacity: 2 pax
  • PREMIER SUITE (PHP 22,140 / night) – Maximum Capacity: 4 pax


  • GYM
  • CAFE RIZAL – Enjoy a lavish buffet with a wide variety of Western, Chinese, Japanese, and local dishes, along with a special ala carte menu. PHP 1,299 per head. 
  • SPA MEZANNINE – (7 Massage rooms)
  • BALLROOM – (3 function rooms that can fit up to 800 pax collectively)
  • THE DECK 1911 – Nothing beats sipping a favorite drink and a romantic dinner in an alfresco rooftop bar and restaurant. 
  • IMPERIAL COURT – From the simple fried rice to the more exquisite Imperial Seafood Hotpot, diners are sure to experience the freshness & difference of classic authentic Chinese cuisine. Imperial Court features 11 private rooms good for 8-15 persons. Perfect for that intimate family meal. 
  • THE COURTYARD – Guests will enjoy Rizal Park Hotel’s Garden while having their mid-day snack in an alfresco dining set up. 
  • CASINO FILIPINO – Temporarily closed, but there are two casinos nearby. One in Mabini St. Ermita, one in Del Pilar St, Malate 

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