Bulalohan sa Laon Laan – The Best Bulalo!

Bulalohan sa Laon Laan

Bulalohan sa Laon-Laan is a popular restaurant in Manila, Philippines that specializes in serving Bulalo, a traditional Filipino soup made from beef shanks, bone marrow, and vegetables. The restaurant has been around since 2018 and has become a beloved food place among locals and tourists alike. Located in the bustling district of Sampaloc, Bulalohan sa Laon-Laan is a casual eatery that offers a no-frills dining experience. The restaurant’s interiors are simple and unassuming, with plastic chairs and tables set up in an open-air space. We thought at first that the place was small. But you’ll see there is more space inside for an indoor dining set-up as well. It was a little humid given that there were only electric fans for ventilation. This is where customers in groups sit as they have ample seating here. Moreover, people have numbers for queueing orders making sure that the process is organized.

Food and Menu

Despite its humble setting, Bulalohan sa Laon-Laan is known for serving some of the best bulalo in Manila. The soup is cooked to perfection, with a flavorful broth that is infused with the richness of the beef bones and tender chunks of meat that fall off the bone. The restaurant’s bulalo is served with a variety of condiments. Including calamansi, fish sauce, and chili peppers, which diners can use to customize the taste according to their liking. Aside from bulalo, Bulalohan sa Laon-Laan also offers a variety of other Filipino dishes. Such as the customer favorites: Papaitan, Cheesy Bangus, and Submarine Pusit. We tried all of these and have no regrets! All of them are *chef’s kiss*. The Bulalo and the Papaitan were so tender and savory. You can even have as much soup as you went because they offer unlimited refills! The rest of them are just as delicious!

The restaurant’s menu is reasonably priced, making it a popular choice for budget-conscious diners. Moreover, the foods they serve here range from Php 75 – Php 350 only. For us who came in a group of 6, we only paid less than Php 2,000! On average, that’ll be just around Php 330 each which already costs just one dish in other fancy restaurants around the area. It was truly such a great price for the experience and quality of food they have here. There were even leftovers that we gladly took home and ate afterward!

Definitely worth coming back for!

Furthermore, one of the things that set Bulalohan sa Laon-Laan apart from other Bulalo restaurants in Manila is its unique location. The restaurant is situated in a vibrant district that is famous for its bustling street markets, universities around the area, and festivals. Just right for different kinds of people craving savory soup and dishes. Dining here is not only a culinary experience, but also a cultural one, as diners get to immerse themselves in the sights, sounds, and flavors of Manila. If you’re looking to try some authentic Filipino cuisine in Manila, Bulalohan sa Laon-Laan is definitely worth a visit. With its delicious bulalo, affordable prices, and unique location, this restaurant is a must-visit for any foodie or traveler who wants to experience the best of Manila’s culinary and cultural scene. As for me, I will definitely come back here! For other Bulalo Options, you should also these check-out:

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