City of Dreams: Hyatt Hotel, Dream Play, and Hidemasa Restaurant

City of Dreams

My visit to the City of Dreams Manila and dining experience at the Hidemasa Japanese Restaurant. 

City of Dreams

We often go to the well-known Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay, where we can see the giant globe landmark. But did you know that just a few rides away, you’ll find the City of Parañaque? A first-class, highly developed city in the Metro, where even more fascinating attractions are waiting for you!

City of Dreams 

City of Dreams (COD) is an integrated hotel and casino that is home to three of the most opulent hotel brands in the country: Nuwa, Nobu, and Hyatt Regency Manila.

With a wide choice of amenities, tourists will never be bored throughout their time here.

No expense was spared in providing visitors with spectacular views from both the inside and outside of the luxury complex. These include eye-catching lighting, lush gardens, and stunning architecture. 


This place is definitely not just for adults. They have DreamPlay, a world-class and family-friendly attraction where kids and parents can play, dance, laugh, and party. A variety of activities await you as you journey through the cartoon universe! You’re free to have fun with Shriek, Kung Fu Panda, trolls and many more. 

It is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. every Wednesday to Sunday. 

Hyatt Regency Manila

But today, I’ll take you to one of COD’s most luxurious hotels, the Hyatt Regency Manila!

This hotel is very nice and has a really welcoming vibe. It’s pretty expensive, but happily, I was offered a complimentary one-day stay in one of their popular suite rooms.

When we say ‘expensive’, it would be impossible to find flaws in this room. Hyatt is highly recommended! 

Pool Area 

The COD also features a sizable pool area, in which you may take pleasure in paddling while gazing up at the very pleasing COD structures. 

If you are not ready to go swimming, you can go for a stroll and relax in the garden. You might also want to put on your headphones and listen to some of your favorite Korean music.

Like myself, I spent the entire day listening to the soundtrack of Hotel de Luna.

🎵Eonjebuteoinji geudaereul bomyeon…🎵

Wave Bar and Cafe 

The hotel’s temperature was so low that it would be nice to warm up with a cup of coffee and a snack at their wave café. There is a great variety of food available, including burgers, salads, and fries. Drinks of various types are also available.

Hidemasa Japanese Restaurant

Kon’nichiwa! COD has a lot of places to eat, but since the hotel looks like it’s in another Asian country, I decided to eat at Hidemasa, Japanese restaurant.

They provide a selection of Japanese dishes, such as yakitori, Tempura, Sachimi, and sushi rolls, among many others.


I had a bowl of their ramen. It was delicious, presented in a big bowl, and very hot. 

Some ramen restaurants offer their noodle soups at an insufficient heat level, which greatly diminishes the quality of the meal. Overall, I give this ramen a big thumbs-up!


They provide a choice for do-it-yourself sushi. It’s up to you to determine how much filling you want to eat, as you’ll be tasked combining the ingredients.

That was a fun task for me since, in case you weren’t aware, I’m also really excellent at cooking. I often make meals that involve a lot of effort, like eggs and sausages. My kids go crazy for it and proclaim me a culinary genius.

Grilled Chicken Heart 

After devouring these four hearts, I couldn’t help but feel terrible about the four chickens who had to offer their lives just for me to have a delicious dinner. I admired them for having compassionate hearts, and being crunchy as well. 🙂 

In all seriousness, though, this restaurant is a great choice if you’d like to try chicken’s heart. This meal was prepared expertly.

City of Dreams Vlog

Don’t miss anything and watch my video about the entire City of Dreams Manila experience.

How was It? 

My time at COD was brief but very satisfying. I really like the hotel, but I think I would have a lot more magnificent view if I stayed at a hotel that was closer to the sea. 

The cuisine was delicious, and I really appreciated all of the amenities that were available to me while I was staying here.

Check out other hotels and restaurants nearby that you may want to try as well.

Since I’ve already boasted about how great a cook I am, it’s time for me to get back to the kitchen and make some more scrumptious fried eggs and bacon for my kids.

See you on ANAther Travel Show! Ba-bye!

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