C&K Chinese Kitchen – Unlimited Dimsum in Makati City!

Dive into a delicious and affordable Chinese buffet experience! C&K Chinese Kitchen is a new restaurant conveniently located on Ayala Ave., Makati. Since June 2023, this restaurant has offered a warm and welcoming ambiance, perfect for casual gatherings with loved ones. With a seating capacity of up to 80 diners, you can enjoy the meal without feeling cramped. Even better, C&K Kitchen welcomes your furry babies/companions too! C&K Chinese Kitchen offers its daily buffet for an unbeatable price of Php 449 per person only. With such a low price, customers can feast on a diverse selection of Chinese cuisine. Their menu changes daily, so you’re guaranteed a fresh and exciting experience with every visit. It has over 15 types of dim sum offered alongside an extensive selection of soups, dishes, rice, and noodles.

Customers can savor classic favorites like siomai, siopao, and the ever-popular xiao long bao. But the selection doesn’t stop there! They can also try other offerings like wanton, choco buns, sushi variations, dumplings, and buchi. Beyond the dim sum, the buffet also offers over 25 different soups and dishes, ensuring a well-rounded and satisfying meal. Don’t worry if you have a smaller appetite or are on a budget! They have a comprehensive ala carte menu featuring popular dishes like Kung Pao Chicken, the Beef with Black Pepper Sauce, and Porkchop with Rice. This allows you to create your own feast and enjoy your favorite Chinese dishes without overspending. While they don’t offer a breakfast buffet, C&K Kitchen ensures a delicious start to your day. Early risers can choose from a variety of ala carte Silog options, a traditional Filipino breakfast combining garlic fried rice and a savory viand.

My Experience

My colleagues and I went here during the lunchtime. From the outside, it seems to be a simple and small restaurant but I was surprised when I got inside. I didn’t know that they are spacious and have a second floor. The first floor is for some small seating and is where the counter and cashiers are. On the second floor, you can find their dining area and buffet area. As someone who loves Chinese food, the sight of the dim sum spread excites me! Groups of people are starting to fill the restaurant during lunchtime so coming around 10-11 AM would be a great time to visit. For those who prefer a simpler option, they also offer their signature garlic rice with a choice of toppings. This way, you can fuel up for a busy day ahead with a satisfying and customizable breakfast.

I tried a little bit of everything — siomai, wanton, lauriat, xiao long bao, salmon belly, pork sautee, and a lot more. As expected from any Chinese cuisine, their foods are savory and tasty. My favorite was their maki and their vegetable rolls! If anything, their xiao long bao was just a bit dry. C&K Kitchen doesn’t just offer a delicious dining experience in Makati. For those seeking a different kind of adventure, they also have a larger branch in Malate. This branch offers unlimited hotpot, a communal dining experience where you cook your own food in a simmering pot at your table. To add to the fun, they also have KTV facilities, allowing you to enjoy a night of singing and delicious food with friends. With prices ranging from Php 599 to Php 699 per head, it’s a great option for a memorable and entertaining group outing.


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How to get there?

Via MRT:

  • Ayala Triangle Station: This is the most convenient option. Take the MRT (Metro Rail Transit) Line 1 and alight at Ayala Triangle Station. Exit the station and walk towards Ayala Triangle Gardens. C&K Kitchen is located 10-minute walk away, across Ayala Avenue.
  • Buendia Station: If you’re coming from the south via MRT, get off at Buendia Station. Take a jeepney with the sign “Ayala” or “Circuit Makati.” These jeepneys will drop you off near Ayala Triangle Gardens, from where you can easily walk to C&K Kitchen.

Via Buses:

  • EDSA Buses: If you’re coming from EDSA, several buses pass by Ayala Triangle. Look for buses with signs like “Ayala”, “Gil Puyat”, or “Buendia.” Get off at any stop near Ayala Triangle and walk towards Ayala Triangle Gardens. C&K Kitchen is located across Ayala Avenue.

From Other Areas:

  • Jeepneys: Numerous jeepney routes pass by Ayala Triangle. Depending on your location, you can ride a jeepney with signs like “Ayala”, “Circuit Makati”, “Gil Puyat”, or “Buendia.” Ask the driver or conductor to drop you off near Ayala Triangle Gardens.

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