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Christmas Decors - Dapitan Arcade

Christmas in the Philippines, like any other aspect, differs greatly from other countries in terms of tradition, food, and length. Celebrations last less than two weeks, according to the centuries-old carol “The 12 Days of Christmas.” However, the season starts very early for Filipinos. It is celebrated during the “ber” months, as it’s called in the Philippines — that is, September through December. We create or buy “parol” or Christmas lanterns, as early as September and let them hang until the first week of January after the 3 Kings Day. The star-shaped lanterns are hung outside homes, along busy city streets, and even in provincial towns and small villages. Along with these important facets of the holiday, we celebrate early to give us a preview of what’s to come. To put it another way, anticipating during the “Ber” months may make us more open to new possibilities and optimism.

Dapitan Arcade

Dapitan Arcade in Quezon City is the hub for home furniture and decor. This is where locals and Filipinos in other cities go to get vintage and aesthetically pleasing items. Everything needed at home such as plants, wooden furniture, and rattan ornaments are all here! The relatively low price, which is lower than the average market rate, draws loyal customers and curious people. Aside from these, Dapitan Arcade is also famous for selling a wide range of Christmas decor options from lanterns to Christmas trees and lights. Most of us now are itching to get that nostalgic Christmas Spirit and excitement back after the pandemic. To feel the spark of hope that the season brings to everyone. I went here to check what they have now. If you’re curious and this is your first time visiting Dapitan Arcade, here are some of the things you’ll find and what to anticipate.

Along the road of Kanlaon Street

Arriving at Dapitan you might think at first, “Is this it?” but be mindful that there is also a building selling more. We’ll talk about it later.

There are vendors selling ceramic kitchen needs like plates, glasses, bowls, utensils, and more. All of which are perfect for those having “minimalist” and color-themed homes. Too pretty that you’ll hesitate to use them! This Kitchen needs range from Php 30 – Php 5,000 depending on sets.

My spirit lifted up when I saw these Christmas Trees! I would like to have one of the tall ones only if I could fit them in my condo.

You can choose any of these depending on colors and sizes from 3 ft – 10 ft. Who wouldn’t love spending spare time with loved ones decorating the Christmas Tree, right? This simple thing tightens every family’s bond and relationship.

Of course, there are still kitchen and home needs being sold outside. For those looking for something to put up on their “team puti”, “team kahoy”, or any other team and themes for their houses, you should check this place out!

Prices range from Php 30 and above depending on the piece or set. You can haggle too especially if you’re buying for sets or bulks, just be reasonable!

More Inside

If you feel warm and sweaty from walking and going through items outside, or if the rainstarted to pour, try shopping inside the building. Just the same with the items found outside, they also have similar ones here but more.

Different handicraft and home decor continues! More kitchen needs and rattan-made ornaments. Prices don’t differ from the ones outside.

There are hand-made handicrafts that we SHOULD patronize. Effort, time, and patience were invested in these kinds of things.

One of my favorite things are these snow globe lanterns. It has Christmas music and lights when it’s on. Makes me feel different nostalgic and sentimental, just as what the season’s spirit bring to everyone.

These snow globe lanterns cost around Php 300 – Php 5000 depending on the size. They also have the classic circular ones. Just beside these vendors, you’ll also spot some Christmas villages ranging from Php 700 – Php 5000 depending on design and sizes. These stuff are mass favorite, however, pricey.

If you’re looking for belens and different religious items for various beliefs, they have them here up to 5 FT tall. Just gotta be careful on this area if you don’t want to break and pay.

I like the white figurines with gilded gold. The scratched parts added more charm around it making it look vintage, very greek vibe. Don’t think it’s broken, it’s design!

Aside from these, they also have garlands, lanterns, Christmas Tree decorations, and nutcracker standees (one of which I almost broke!)

These parol or Christmas Lanterns range from Php 500 – Php 7000 depending on the size. Most of these lanterns are hang outside the Filipinos houses once the season starts.

Why should you go here?

  • You can haggle! But make sure you’re bidding a reasonable price.
  • Products are way cheaper than what you can find in the mall.
  • So many options to choose from.
  • Products are affordable and high quality!
  • Also, nearby wet and dry markets so you can visit to have a one-stop-shop.
  • Buying from them helps the locals who made and sold the items. Patronize our own!
  • There are also trinkets, jewel boxes, and wooden crafts perfect for a vintage vibe home theme.

Helpful Information

  • Prepare enough cash, most of the vendors don’t accept cards.
  • You can buy online through their page.
  • May send them an e-mail through: dapitanarcade@sulit.ph
  • Better to visit early in the morning when the crowd is bearable.
  • Complete Address: #39 Dapitan Street corner Kanlaon Street, Barangay Sta. Teresita, Quezon City.
  • Main Dapitan Arcade Building opens from 8 AM – 7 PM daily.
  • Outside Tents/Stalls open from 7 AM – 10 PM daily.
  • There are designated parking spaces available, but you must arrive early to secure one. Otherwise, you can simply park on the side of the road. Locals will offer to find you a parking spot and watch over your vehicle for a fee.

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