Exploring the Amazing Igorot Stone Kingdom in Baguio City

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As I stepped into the Igorot Stone Kingdom, I felt an overwhelming sense of awe and reverence for the rich culture and traditions of the Igorot people. Nestled on the mountainside in Baguio City, this man-made park stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of the indigenous communities in the Philippines. It is believed that the park’s very inception was guided by a mystical encounter. Furthermore, an omen from the heavens led Pio Velasco, the visionary behind this extraordinary place, to create a living legacy of the Igorot heritage. The story behind the Igorot Stone Kingdom is steeped in legend and mystique. Pio Velasco, the park’s owner, also shared that he had an extraordinary sighting of a white carabao on this very spot. This encounter, he believed, was a sign from the universe that he should embark on this ambitious endeavor to showcase the beauty of the Igorot culture.

And so, with a heart filled with passion and purpose, he set forth to build a park that would not only educate visitors but also honor the memory of his Igorot mother. Rita “Rosing” Gal Velasco—a strong and patient woman who left a lasting imprint on his life. Strolling through the sprawling 6,000-square-meter compound, the meticulous craftsmanship of the stone walls caught my eye. Inspired by the iconic rice terraces of Batad in Banaue. Moreover, these walls were meticulously constructed using the ancient “riprap” technique. Large stones and boulders were carefully interlocked to form sturdy walls, with cement serving as a reinforcement. This architectural marvel was a fitting tribute to the enduring wisdom and ingenuity of the Igorot people who have long mastered the art of harmonizing with nature. It was also such an educational and amazing trip for me and my kids who enjoyed the climbing as well.

What to see here?

The Fertility Tower symbolizes the community’s reverence for life and the bountiful blessings of the land. Visitors are encouraged to offer prayers and wishes for a fruitful life, embracing the sacred bond between humanity and nature. The Tower of Igorot God Kabunyan, with its majestic stature, embodies the Igorots’ spiritual connection with their divine creator. It’s a place of reverence and reflection. Where one can pause and meditate on life’s mysteries and the universe’s grand design. Continuing my journey through the park, we came across the Tower of Gatan and Bangan—a tower that narrates a fantasy story. Furthermore, legend has it that Gatan and Bangan were the sole survivors of a great holocaust that ravaged their homeland. Their tale of resilience and survival resonates with the enduring spirit of the Igorots, who have overcome countless challenges throughout history. I love that this place is more than just great architecture.

Apart from the mesmerizing towers, the Igorot Stone Kingdom also boasts other attractions that celebrate the region’s heritage. The Igorot Gold Mine offers visitors a glimpse into the region’s rich mining history, with displays of traditional mining tools that hark back to a bygone era. A steel bridge connects different sections of the park, symbolizing the unity and interconnectedness of the Igorot communities. It’s a bridge that spans not just physical distances but also cultural divides, creating a harmonious blend of the old and new. Exploring further, we couldn’t help but roam at the modern-day castles constructed using cement and hollow blocks. These impressive structures stand tall, representing the evolving identity of the Igorot people in the contemporary world—a proud community that cherishes its roots while embracing progress. While this is already a mesmerizing testament to the Igorot culture, it’s still a work in progress.


Pio Velasco envisions adding life-sized statues of prominent Igorots, further immersing visitors in the captivating history of the region. Sadly, the park faced temporary closure last year due to permit-related challenges. However, it has once again opened its gates to visitors, and during my visit, I witnessed the park’s resurrection just in time in Baguio City. The Igorot Stone Kingdom in Baguio City is more than just a tourist destination; it is a living testament to the enduring legacy of the Igorot people. It stands as a tribute to the strength, wisdom, and resilience of a community deeply connected to its roots and traditions. Whether you’re a curious traveler or a local seeking to reconnect with your heritage, the Igorot Stone Kingdom is an experience like no other—a place where the past and the present intertwine in a beautiful celebration of the Igorot way of life.

Tips and Guidelines

  • The Igorot Stone Kingdom is open daily from 6 AM to 6 PM.
  • Adult entrance fee: Php 100, Kids and Senior Citizens: Php 80, Toddlers: Free.
  • Discounts for Senior Citizens and PWDs with proper identification.
  • Be cautious on narrow pathways and thin rails.
  • Stay hydrated and wear comfortable clothing and footwear also.
  • Respect the local culture and traditions.
  • Keep a close eye on children during the visit.
  • Follow park rules and regulations.
  • Bring a camera to capture the scenic views.
  • Engage with the Igorot culture and attend cultural performances.
  • Plan for more attractions as the park is still under construction.
  • Leave no trace, and dispose of trash properly.


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