Flame and Flavors; Must-try Putok Batok Overload in Manila!

When it comes to dining, nothing beats the joy of savoring a meal that’s tasty and indulgent. Flame and Flavors, a new culinary gem at the corner of Tayuman Street and Lacson Street in Santa Cruz, Manila, has been making waves in the local food scene with its “putok batok” meals that promise to satisfy your cravings like no other. The term “putok batok” is a Filipino expression loosely translated to “neck-bursting.” It’s a phrase that encapsulates the extreme satisfaction of indulging in dishes that are undeniably high in cholesterol. Often featuring fatty and oily ingredients. While health experts may raise their eyebrows at such culinary extravagance, Flame and Flavors has embraced the philosophy that some meals are worth indulging in. Furthermore, this eatery has garnered a loyal following and made a splash on social media within just two months. I’m one of the few who get the first dibs!

Though it’s a newcomer to the culinary scene, Flame and Flavors has swiftly gained popularity since opening its doors in late July. What’s more, they recently achieved a milestone by being featured in a segment on the popular GMA Morning Show, “Unang Hirit”. Prior to that big recognition, some famous bloggers such as “Team Canlas” and “Ka Foodtrip” featured this as well. This recognition speaks volumes about the quality and uniqueness of the dishes this establishment has to offer. Located conveniently in front of SM San Lazaro, Flame and Flavors is easily accessible to both locals and visitors. The eatery exudes a cozy ambiance that can accommodate up to 25 people at a time. Creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for solo diners or group gatherings. They’re open daily with two convenient time slots: 11 AM – 3 PM and 5 PM – 9 PM, or until their stocks last.

My Experience

We arrived around 11:40, but it wasn’t until 12 NN that they took our orders. The waiting game continued for 40 minutes before our orders were finally served. While the delay was a hiccup, I must admit that it was entirely worth it. Our order consisted of Chicharon Bulaklak, Chicken BBQ, and Crispy Pata, each of them served atop a towering plate of java rice. What made these dishes even more appealing was the fact that each order was generously portioned to serve four people. My personal favorite and the one I’d been eagerly anticipating was the Chicharon Bulaklak. Thankfully, it didn’t disappoint; it was absolutely delicious. The Crispy Pata had the perfect balance of being both soft and crunchy without being overly salty or bland. As for the Chicken BBQ, it had a slight sweetness to it, catering perfectly to the Filipino taste bud.

To complement our meal, we were also served pitchers of iced tea, which was quite refreshing. Despite being a group of six, we were pleasantly surprised to have some leftovers that we could take home. Considering our total bill costing less than Php 2000, it was a great deal. You can share it with a larger group of maybe 6-10 more people and split and total cost. It’ll be worth it! For added convenience, they offer delivery services through platforms like Food Panda and Lalamove, so you can enjoy their mouthwatering dishes in the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, they don’t have parking slots available so you might want to park your vehicle at nearby establishments. As mentioned, SM City Lazaro is just across so you may pay park there and just do a 5 minute walk to Flame and Flavors. This is definitely a must-try!


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How to get there?

Via Public Transportation

LRT Line

  • If you’re coming from LRT 2. disembarka t Recto Station then proceed to the connecting walkway or pedestrian overpass that links LRT Line 2 to LRT Line 1. Follow the signs for the transfer.
  • If you’re traveling by LRT Line 1, disembark at Tayuman Station.
  • From the station, you can walk to Flame and Flavors. It’s just a short walk away from the LRT station. Simply head north on Tayuman Street until you reach the corner of Tayuman Street and Lacson Street, where you’ll find the restaurant.


  • If you prefer jeepneys, you can look for jeepneys that pass by Tayuman Street or Lacson Street, depending on your direction.
  • Board a jeepney that’s heading towards Tayuman or Lacson, depending on your starting point.
  • Ask the driver or conductor to drop you off at the corner of Tayuman Street and Lacson Street, in front of SM San Lazaro. Flame and Flavors is right across the street from SM San Lazaro.

Tricycle or Pedicab

  • If you’re coming from a nearby location, you can also opt for a tricycle or pedicab ride to Flame and Flavors.
  • Inform the driver that you want to go to Flame and Flavors at the corner of Tayuman Street and Lacson Street, near SM San Lazaro.

Public Bus

  • If you’re traveling from a more distant location within Manila, you can take a public bus that passes through Tayuman Street.
  • Disembark at Tayuman Street, near SM San Lazaro, and walk to Flame and Flavors.

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