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La Loma Lechon

La Loma is situated in Quezon City’s southwest region. It is made up of five barangays that are located close to its main streets. These include, N.S. Retiro’s Amoranto Avenue and A. Bonifacio Street. The area is renowned for being the origin of several well-known Filipino chefs and eateries, many of which are focused on lechon. Every Filipino holiday feast centers around the popular delicacy lechon. Every May, the event happens in Quezon City, where it attracts a large crowd and a large number of viewers. A procession of costumed lechons representing each barangay in the area was displayed to the public during the celebration. Moreover, a boodle fight featuring lechon as the main dish is the festival’s major attraction. Even for foreigners or tourists, Lechon is one the top of their must-try dish when visiting the country. Let’s find out which ones are the best!

Ryan’s Lechon

One of the famous Lechon House in La Loma nowadays is Renato Ferreros’ “Ryan’s Lechon.” Although they have been serving since 1980, the competition made it hard for them to strive. According to Mr. Renato, there was a time when they almost declared bankruptcy. But thanks to his hardwork, things are paying well now. Nowadays, they’re becoming more recognized by locals and tourists. Out of curiosity, I decided to try this as well and bought a quarter kilo which costs Php 300 ($5.50). One thing I noticed is how kind Mr. Renato was as he gave us some freshly cooked Chicharon for free taste. It was still warm and super crunchy and tasty, truly a great appetizer before we devour the lechon! The Chicharon Bulaklak and Bituka costs Php 160 ($2.50) to Php 1,600 ($30). Moreover, customers can enjoy these with the vinegar or just by itself!

When we got home, Ryan’s Lechon was the first one I tried making it the standard for the next ones. Although the cuts were all over the place and not as presentable, the meat tastes just right and I can tell it was cooked well as I don’t taste and smell any fishy odor. I also like how tender the meat was. Addition to that is the creamy, flavorful, and dark Lechon sauce made of liver. Such really complimenting combo the meat and the sauce were! Out of all the Lechons that I tried in La Loma, Ryan’s ranked as my best, or my number 1. Customers may buy Ryan’s Lechon in quarter kilo to whole. Price ranges from Php 300 ($5.50) – Php 16,000 ($290).

Ping-Ping’s Lechon

Ping Ping’s Lechon is one of the early players in the Lechon industry in La Loma Quezon City in 1980’s. Like Ryan’s, they were also selling different kinds of Chicharon which I wish I tried. Next time for sure! Aside from the famous dish, they are also notable for serving delectable chicken feet and soup. Instead, we bought another of quarter kilo of Lechon that costs Php 350 ($6.50). Their Lechon meat is easy to chew, glazed in golden brown sauce that packs just the right amount of savory taste. I also appreciate that they gave me young meat however it still lack a little bit of flavor. It was a bit fatty and sweet. Opposite to Ryan’s, Ping Ping’s sauce was the lightest and sweetest too. Customers may buy Ping Ping’s Lechon in quarter kilo to whole. Price ranges from Php 350 ($6.50) – Php 17,000 ($310).

Through the years, they managed to expand their shop and build a spacious restaurant. However, since we just went for Lechon hopping, we didn’t dine in their restaurant. The skin was still crunchy after almost an hour of car drive. Ping Ping’s earned my second best together with the next one.

Monchie’s Lechon

Monchie’s was the very first shop in La Loma we bought Lechon from. I have to say that they were not accommodating as they were frowning when we asked questions about the pricing. Especially when I said I was only going to order for a quarter kilo, guess they prefer us buying more. My order set me back Php 350 ($6.50). Moreover, even though we were the first customer to buy, they accommodated the later customers who ordered for a Kilo and more. I give it to them for chopping the Lechon nicely and carefully plating them on the to-go box. Making sure that our order looks well-presented and appetizing. They also gave us belly part which I really appreciate a lot. The Skin was still crunchy and the meat tasted really flavorful. The sauce tasted a little bit spicier than the rest as it has a lot of pepper.

Furthermore, Monchie’s Lechon owner, Ramon Ferreros is the President of La loma Lechoneros Association. He’s the one who pushes the Lechon Festival Parade yearly and advocates to make Laloma the official lechon Capital of the Philippines. Overall, I still put the Monchie’s on second best, on par with Ping Ping’s. Despite the somehow unpleasant service, the taste and presentation of the Lechon made up for it. Customers may buy Monchie’s Lechon in quarter kilo to whole. Price ranges from Php 350 ($6.50) – Php 20,000 ($365).

Mila’s Lechon

Lastly, I’m sure that a lot of Filipinos know Mila’s Lechon already. This is a very famous shop that has multiple branches nationwide. They even have two in La loma – one for supplying, cooking and producing/selling and one is a restaurant. Moreover, they also provide catering services for special occasions. Mila’s Lechon’s meat was kinda bland and the sauce was sweet. Personally, I like the sauce a little bit spicy and salty. It was actually good, just not my type of Lechon. The skin was also still somehow crunchy, takes a bit effort to chew but it’s alright. My order of s quarter kilo of Lechon set me back Php 300 ($6) only. The staff and crew are super friendly and accommodating, they even offered their restaurant for us to have a place to try out the Lechons. I truly appreciate the kind gesture!

However, we preferred to try them at home so it’s less noisy and so that we can test out the crunchiness of the skins after few minutes of car drive. Mila’s Lechon was really good, however, I have to put it to the least (3rd best) according to my taste. If you like sweet sauce and mild taste of meat, this one is best for you. Customers may buy Mila’s Lechon in quarter kilo to whole. Price ranges from Php 300 ($6.50) – Php 22,000 ($400).

Mang Tomas Native Lechon

Mang Tomas is famous for being the first roaster in La Loma started in 1951. Unbeknownst to the most, he also originated the famous Mang Tomas sauce the Filipinos love. Although I badly wanted to try their Lechon, I wasn’t able to since they were only selling for whole pig orders the day we went. It was really frustrating because at first, they said they only allow per kilo orders, but when we did try to order a kilo (instead of a quarter) they were still hesitant to serve me and said that this time, they will only allow to sell whole pig order. In addition to this is the unfriendliness of the sellers. I had no choice but to tell my crew to just move on to the other shops instead. Quite disappointing. However, Mang Tomas Lechon ranges from Php 7000 ($130) – Php 22,000 ($400).

Final Thoughts

La Loma Quezon City is truly a good place to go if you’re looking for a Lechon to feast on birthdays, festival celebrations, weddings, and what have you. If you have no time to visit, you may also check their Facebook pages for deliveries. Let me know if you have tried any of these and share to me your thoughts. ’til next time!

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