Little Tokyo; A glimpse of Japan in Makati!

LITTLE TOKYO - ANAther Travel Show

Little Tokyo in Makati is a charming haven that offers a slice of Japanese culture and cuisine in the heart of Metro Manila. This cultural hub is located along Chino Roces Avenue, just a stone’s throw away from Makati Square. Stepping into the bustling streets of Little Tokyo in Makati, my senses were immediately captivated by the vibrant ambiance that awaited. Japanese lanterns gently swayed overhead. These lanterns, known as “chochin,” guide visitors through the vibrant streets. Adding an authentic touch to the overall ambiance. Venturing deeper into Little Tokyo, the air infuses with a delightful blend of savory aromas. All wafting from the authentic Japanese restaurants lining the streets. The scents were attracting me to indulge in a culinary exploration of traditional delicacies. Ranging from sushi and sashimi to steaming bowls of ramen. However, I’m following a strict diet today and it hinders me from all these temptations.

The melodic sound of traditional Japanese music floated through the air. Creating a stronger feel of Japan in the backdrop for my exploration. It was a delightful auditory experience that heightened the authenticity of the cultural immersion. One of the highlights of my night tour was the opportunity to visit charming tea houses tucked away within the confines of Little Tokyo. These tranquil havens provided a serene escape from the bustling urban surroundings. Sitting amidst the meticulously tended bonsai trees and serene Zen gardens. Allowing myself to be fully enveloped in a state of calm and tranquility. Moreover, Little Tokyo’s architecture and decor were a testament to the dedication and attention to detail given to recreating an authentic Japanese atmosphere. The traditional wooden structures adorned with intricate designs transported me to the heart of Japan. Evoking a sense of awe and reverence for the rich cultural heritage.

Makati Square

A stone’s throw away from Little Tokyo, I decided to make a quick stop at Makati Square, a bustling hub of activity. The vibrant marketplace offered a diverse array of shops, filled with unique trinkets, clothing, and souvenirs. It was a delightful opportunity to browse through the eclectic offerings and perhaps find a hidden gem to take home. The lively energy of the marketplace was contagious, with vendors showcasing their wares and shoppers engrossed in the joy of discovering great finds. The air was filled with a sense of excitement and anticipation. Beyond the shopping experience, Makati Square also offered a variety of entertainment options. From arcade games to karaoke booths, there was no shortage of ways to have fun and unwind. It was a place where laughter echoed and memories were made. When hunger strikes, you can find an assortment of food stalls and eateries within Makati Square.

There was a wide range of flavors to satisfy any craving. However, like I said, I’m on a tight diet so I had to turn away. Throughout my visit, I couldn’t help but notice the friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The vendors and staff were always ready with a smile and eager to assist. It added a personal touch to the overall experience. making me feel at home in this bustling marketplace. My night tour of Little Tokyo in Makati, coupled with a quick stop at Makati Square, was a captivating journey into the heart of Japanese culture. From the vibrant alleyways to the enchanting tea houses and a bustling marketplace. The ambiance of Little Tokyo left an indelible mark. Inviting me to return and explore further, I departed with a deep appreciation for the seamless blend of tradition and modernity that characterized this unique corner of Makati.

How to get there?

Via Public Transportation

  • Upon exiting MRT Magallanes Station, you can opt to take a short taxi ride or utilize a ride-hailing app to reach Little Tokyo.
  • Inform the driver to take you to Little Tokyo along Chino Roces Avenue. It is advisable to mention “Little Tokyo” to avoid any confusion.
  • After your visit to Little Tokyo, you can make your way to Makati Square, which is conveniently located nearby.
  • it will just take 3 minutes walk to get there.

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