Mala Sze Chuan – The MUST-TRY Unlimited Hotpot in Pasay City!

MALA SZE CHUAN - ANAther Travel Show

Mala Sze Chuan Hotpot in MetLive, Pasay is a restaurant that has been serving authentic Chinese hotpot since 2018. During our recent visit, we had a satisfying hotpot experience that stands out for its taste and rich flavors. For a reasonable Php 888 per head, Mala Sze Chuan offers unlimited Chinese hotpot for customers that come with thin slices of pork and beef. For an extra Php 200 per person, you can also get unlimited fresh seafood including crabs, clams, shrimp, mussels, and squid. The first floor is capable of accommodating around 30 diners at a time. While the second floor was closed during our visit, the ambiance on the main floor was comfortable and inviting. Furthermore, diners can enhance their hotpot experience with a selection of dipping sauces. Including soy sauce, chili sauce, sesame oil and paste, black vinegar, and more. Adding a personal touch to the meal.

I did mine with a mix of soy sauce, chili, black vinegar, and chopped onion chives. The hotpot experience at Mala Sze Chuan is complete with a variety of ingredient choices. Options such as glass noodles, mushrooms, tofu, meatballs, inoki, corn, and various veggie leaves provide diners with ample choices to customize their hotpot. The hotpot broth is infused with Sze Chuan Peppercorn, delivering a numbing and spicy punch to the rich soup base. The dragon-themed pot, with a divider for spicy and non-spicy soup bases, adds a unique touch to the experience. Diners can also choose their spice level, ranging from mid to fiery, and opt for a stir-fry or soup base. Moreover, for a sweet ending to the meal, Mala Sze Chuan now includes ice cream as part of the unlimited hotpot experience. A simple yet satisfying treat for those with a sweet tooth.

Our Experience

Having been to Mala Sze Chuan, I must say that it’s not the cheapest dining option, but every peso spent is undeniably worth it. The variety of choices in their Unlimited Meat and Hotpot package makes the experience truly satisfying. The freshness of the seafood, from crabs to shrimp, is impressive. My only wish during our visit was that they had ice cream on the menu to cap off the meal. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been added yet. The staff were all accommodating and friendly as well. Nevertheless, the overall experience at Mala Sze Chuan left a lasting impression. I wouldn’t hesitate to return for another round of their delicious hotpot. They also have free parking in the basement, with ample slots available. Mala Sze Chuan is open daily from 11 AM to 12 AM, providing flexibility for lunch and dinner plans. The best day to visit is during weekdays.

If you love samgyupsal, Mala Sze Chuan is a must-try. It shares similarities with the interactive cooking experience and the pleasure of customizing your meal just the way you like it. Plus, it’s a healthier option for enjoying thinly sliced meats, making it a tasty yet wholesome dining choice.


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How to get there?

Via Public Transportation

  • Take the MRT or LRT and get off at the EDSA-Taft station.
  • From EDSA-Taft, you can either:
  1. Take a jeepney or bus bound for Baclaran or MIA and ask the driver to drop you off at the nearest point to MetLive, Pasay.
  2. Ride a taxi or ride-sharing service (Uber, Grab) and provide the address of MetLive, Pasay.

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