Manay Davao Oriental – Where to go there?

Manay Davao Oriental

It has been 10 years since I moved to Manila. A lot of things have changed in my life as time went by, and I feel humbled and nostalgic about going back to my hometown; Manay Davao Oriental. I am very excited to show you the rich and stunning nature my hometown has to offer!


Manay is a 2nd-class municipality in Davao Oriental. This is one of the lovely municipalities across Mindanao’s province. Additionally, the primary draws include Tagdalid Falls, which is located in the geographic center of the municipality, Rising Sun Beach Resort, and more. One of the beautiful things the locals are proud of is indeed the clear-water beaches that you can find all over the place. (even by the side road! Moreover, this place has bountiful and breathtaking natural wonders that serve as one of the country’s pride. Climates found in tropical rainforests are covered here. If you want to chill with friends, you can sit by the baywalk and grab some drinks while adoring the sight of the beach and the stars at night. We enjoyed ours and it was a full moon! It was really relaxing to hear the waves while enjoying the breeze of fresh air.

Manay being in a province, it’s hard to get a proper water supply. When we were young, we used to rely on beaches and rivers when we had shortage. One of the commonly used by my fellow locals is the Manay River. We grew up washing dishes and taking a bath here. It is a stream with an estimated elevation of 12 meters above sea level. The water is very clean and clear on most parts, there are only murky ones on the side where there is more soil than rocks. Going back here now is bringing me back all the humbling memories I had growing up and this place will always have a piece of my heart wherever I go. Take some visit sometime and let me know, who knows I’m visiting too and we can hang out! Definitely, a worthy place to go here in Davao Oriental!

Why should you go there? (Manay Town)

  • The locals are very friendly
  • Beaches are untouched
  • It has blue crystal clear waters!
  • The air is very fresh
  • Province feels

Helpful Information (Manay Town)

  • As of writing, approximately 40,000 people
  • Subdivided into 17 Baranggays

Why should you go there? (Manay River)

  • The water is clear and clean
  • Good place to bathe if you don’t want to swim
  • Flowing water

Helpful Information (Manay River)

  • Free entrance


If you happen to visit Manay, Davao Oriental, you’ll pass by a lot of roads with beaches on the side. One of these is the Tagtalisay Beach. A lot of the passer-by stop-over at this beach to have a quick cigarette break or some snack. Who wouldn’t want a picnic by the sea, right? It isn’t a huge space but enough for you to enjoy a short time refreshment with your loved ones. Bring tent or picnic rugs and you’re all set! You just have to be careful with the sea urchins that can be seen on the shore. You’ll notice them when it’s low tide! Make sure to wear slippers when walking around the area. Moreover, always bring a bag of plastic where you can put your waste as there is no maintenance. I went here with my family and we got some fish we grilled for the merienda.

Why should you go there?

  • Not a lot of people visits this spot
  • Everything is free! No need to pay anything

Helpful Information

  • No entrance fee
  • High tide starts at 4 PM


If you’re looking for a place to spend a few days with your family or friends, try checking out Everfresh Beach Resort in Manay, Davao Oriental! What I like about this place is that it doesn’t get too crowded. The crystal clear water also looks very stunning! The beach itself almost looks untouched. I can tell that the place is being taken care of by the owners and the locals too. It’s rare to see garbage cluttered around the shore because people make sure that they throw it in proper bins. They also have air-conditioned room accommodations facing the beach if you’d like to stay for a few nights with your loved ones. At night, you can enjoy their unlimited karaoke while drinking some drinks, and admiring the coastline and sunset! If you are celebrating special occasionså, they have a multi-purpose area that can fit up to 50 pax.

Why should you go there?

  • The place looks very peaceful and calming! Perfect for relaxation.
  • NOT crowded.
  • Breath-taking view.
  • They have cottages where you can hang out on day tours.
  • Affordable accommodation!

Helpful Information

  • Cottages – Php 100 – Php 800
  • Whole Building (2 airconditioned rooms + Karaoke Unlimited Songs) – Php 6,000
  • First Floor of Building (Only Karaoke Unlimited Songs) – Php 2,500


If you’re looking for an all-out nature experience that includes hiking and bathing in falls in a very secluded area (up the mountains), you should try going to Tagdalid Falls! This is one of Manay, Davao Oriental’s hidden Gem. The falls are approximately 100-130 meters tall and have two sources that produce a drop large enough to make drizzle on the surrounding area, keeping the area wet all the time. However, going up here is challenging. The road is very rough and muddy as the way in the mountain isn’t developed yet, you might need trekking vehicles. From the town of Manay, it took us roughly 2 hours to get to the falls (by car). Although the ride was bumpy and scary, it was truly a worthwhile experience getting there. The stream that will welcome you will make you feel more excited by finding the waterfall itself!

Kampo Kadini is one of the hidden gems of Manay, Davao Oriental. Just a few minutes away from Tagdalid falls and Danao Lake, you’ll get to see this overlooking spot across an under-construction school. They have huts and decorations where people can camp for a night and get IG-worthy photos. It is also a favorite stop-over for people passing by going to the Tagdalid Falls. They also have a mini store where you can buy simple souvenirs like key chains, or when it’s cold, a cup of coffee.

Why should you go there? (Tagdalid Falls)

  • It’s free! No need to pay for anything. Just take care of the surroundings and make sure you dispose of garbage properly.
  • Doesn’t get crowded, we didn’t see a single there when we went there!
  • Great place to reconnect with nature, truly enchanting.
  • The water is very clear and clean.

Helpful Information (Tagdalid Falls)

  • No entrance fee.
  • There’s a shower area where you can rinse off and change clothes.
  • Rains in the area most of the time.

Why should you go there? (Kampo Kadini)

  • Very IG-worthy!
  • The view is immaculate!
  • No entrance fee!

Helpful Information (Kampo Kadini)

  • A bumpy and rough road on the way to go there.
  • Staying overnight in huts is subjected to updated accommodation prices.

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