Pat-Pat’s Kansi – A Bulalo with a sour twist!

Pat-Pat's Kansi

Pat-Pat’s Kansi is a hidden gem of a restaurant that started in Ilo-ilo, Philippines. Kansi is a local dish that originated from the Visayas region and is similar to Bulalo, a beef shank soup. Pat-Pat’s Kansi, however, is renowned for taking this classic dish to a whole new level serving two types of Kansi. First is Bulalo, which has bone marrow and is authentic to traditional Kansi, and Laman, which is made entirely of beef chunks. The dish is served piping hot, with a generous serving of meat and vegetables, and a tangy dipping sauce made with calamansi and chili. You can go with their best-selling items, kansi lawas (bulalo) and kansi unod (laman). They started the business in Ilo-ilo in 1999 and later on spread to Makati, Rockwell, Taguig, and Pasig. Of course, to try this, I went to the nearest which is the San Antonio Village, Makati Branch.

Pat-Pat’s Kansi San Antonio Village, Makati

The interior of the restaurant is simple and unassuming just like the usual average eateries in the Philippines. But the aroma of simmering broth and grilled meats fills the air, creating an inviting atmosphere. I also appreciate that it is quite spacious with a lot of tables and chairs, and airy as well. The star of the menu is the Kansi, a beef soup made with tender beef shanks and bone marrow.

Simmered in a flavorful broth made from batuan, a sour fruit that is a signature ingredient in Ilo-ilo cuisine. It is a beef soup dish that is similar to the more well-known Bulalo, which is also a beef shank soup. However, what sets Kansi apart is its sour and tangy flavor, which comes from the souring agent that is native to the region. It has also gained popularity in other parts of the country.

Food and Prices

Pat-Pat’s Kansi also offers other dishes that are worth trying, including their Grilled Chicken (Inasal) which we also tried. It is a succulent and flavorful chicken dish that is marinated in a blend of spices and grilled to perfection. I had no regrets trying this! They also offer a variety of side dishes, such as Garlic Rice and Grilled Eggplant, which complement their main dishes perfectly. The prices at Pat-Pat’s Kansi are very reasonable, with most dishes ranging from Php 150 to Php 300. The restaurant is also well-known for its friendly and attentive staff who make sure that every customer is taken care of.

If ever you’re looking for a comforting and flavorful meal, Pat-Pat’s Kansi is a must-visit. Their Kansi is a standout dish that is worth the trip, and their other dishes are just as delicious. With its unassuming ambiance, friendly service, and mouth-watering food, Pat-Pat’s Kansi is a true gem in the food scene.

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