Sarsá Kitchen+Bar: Sizzling Kansi and More

First time eating SIZZLING KANSI in the improved Sarsá Kitchen+Bar by Chef JP ANGLO!

Sarsá Kitchen+Bar

One of my favorite cities in the Metro is Makati, where there is always food to be found. No matter what you choose to eat or what you crave, whether it’s ethnic cuisine or Filipino food, they always have it.

Sarsá Kitchen+Bar

If you wander around Makati City, you’ll soon discover Rada Street in Legaspi Village. Hopefully, you’ll be hungry when you arrive because Sarsá Kitchen+Bar is ready to serve you a variety of Filipino cuisines that you’re sure to like.

After being closed for a while, they reopened recently with an even more stunning appearance.

Sarsá Kitchen+Bar

New Look

The new design is guaranteed to please Plantitas and Plantitos since more plants are highlighted in every space. It also has tables, chairs, and planter baskets made of rattan and wood, which are common in Filipino interior design.

The lighting impact will also put you at ease; it is vibrant and exotic, as if you were sent to a different time. That day, I felt like I was Maria Clara, but with kids. 🙂

Click here if you want to see what Sarsá Kitchen+Bar used to look like.


I’ve been here before and enjoyed the cuisine, but I’d forgotten how good it was. I had to try it all again this time. However, let’s take it easy as I still need to stick to my diet.

Pancit Molo

Pancit Molo (₱348) is always at the top of my list since its image alone makes it appear so appetizing. The food itself was delicious because of its heat, natural flavor of the broth, and delicacy of its toppings, a great choice for your first meal.

Sarsá Kitchen+Bar

Three-way Sisig

There is no way to visit Sarsa without tasting their Three-Way Sisig (₱448). This is the latest sisig invention, cooked three ways and served with brain aioli on the side.

They served it on a heated platter, with each sisig represented in similar portions. Braised pig’s ears are on one side, while smoked and grilled pig’s face pieces are on the other—the deep-fried counterpart of the latter flanks these two. 

You will be able to taste the sisig’s smoky flavor, and adding the salty, crunchy chicharron makes it much more flavorful. You’ll certainly be tempted to order another plate to take home.

Sarsá Kitchen+Bar

Sizzling Kansi

Moving forward, Sarsa’s Sizzling Kansi (₱468) must not be overlooked either. It is a typical Filipino dish of chopped pork and roasted bone marrow, similar to sisig.

You should get your beer ready because this dish goes perfectly with an inuman or a drinking session with your friends. Get the party started!

Sarsá Kitchen+Bar

Chicken Inasal

It is almost time to eat the Chicken Inasal (₱248). As you can see, it was less expensive than the meals we previously ordered.

Since the restaurant’s owner, chef JP, hails from Bacolod, I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sample his hometown specialty. The chicken was not tough to chew, and its meat didn’t get dry or lose its flavor. The food was simply perfect.

Sarsá Kitchen+Bar

Crab Tortang Talong

This dish is for you if you’re a fan of both seafood and vegetables. Crab Tortang Talong (₱288), or eggplant topped with crab meat, is a new twist on an old favorite. It’s a good counterpoint to the crab’s saltiness and the eggplant’s sweetness. This is definitely a must-try.


Since we are already talking about vegetables, let’s move on to the Pakbet (₱298). I felt supremely satiated because the portion size was huge, plus the assortment of veggies that were only partly cooked was very filling. This meal will give you the best lutong bahay you can get.

Sarsá Kitchen+Bar

Pork Shrimp and Lumpia

As long as Lumpia is still on the menu, there’s no reason not to indulge in some now. Sarsa’s Pork Shrimp and Lumpia (₱378) will force you to eat more, and you can not resist it.

The dish’s seafood flavor will take your lumpia experience to the next level, especially when combined with the sweet and spicy pineapple sauce and Iloilo’s spiced vinegar known as Sinamak.

If you haven’t already seen my video about Sarsa Kitchen + Bar, I highly recommend watching it so you can appreciate the meal as much as I did.

Sarsá Kitchen+Bar


Check out their other delicious offerings on the menu.

My Sarsá Kitchen+Bar Experience

Should You Try it?

Definitely! Actually, my stomach hurt from overeating, yet the meal was so good that I couldn’t stop craving it. Thankfully, I was about to go over my budget, so I called it a day. But I will surely return with my entire family next time.

I really enjoyed everything about my Sarsá Kitchen+Bar visit in Rada, Legazpi Village, Makati. They also have branches in Quezon City, UP Town Center, and SM Mall of Asia, Pasay.

They’re open every day from 11AM – 8PM.

Take a look at some of the closest dining options around C. Palanca Street, Makati.

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