Sinigang ni Kagawad – The best in Manila!

I know that for us Filipinos, nothing beats homemade comfort food. The “OG” when it comes to Filipino dishes would be the Sinigang. We all love that tangy, sour, and healthy soup that fills up our tummy whether it is hot or cold weather, lunch or dinner time! It is the kababayans favorite. Sinigang is a classic Filipino soup that is known for its sour and savory flavor. It is made with a variety of ingredients such as meat, fish, or seafood, and vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, and leafy greens. It is usually served with steaming hot rice. The sourness of the soup is balanced by the sweetness of the vegetables and the savory flavor of the meat. If you’re looking for a place to try this in Manila, you should try the Sinigang ni Kagawad!

Sinigang ni Kagawad is a humble eatery located in Tondo, Manila, that specializes in sinigang. The eatery has been operating since 1978 and has gained a reputation for serving some of the best sinigang in the area. The eatery’s unique selling point is the type of meat they use to make their sinigang. They use pork jaw, eye, and head, which gives the broth a rich and flavorful taste. Pork jaw, eye, and head are not commonly used in other eateries, which is why Sinigang ni Kagawad’s sinigang has a unique taste that you won’t find anywhere else. These cuts of meat are usually discarded or sold at a lower price, but at Sinigang ni Kagawad, they are used to make a delicious and hearty soup.

Sinigang ni Kagawad

Just like most eateries in the country, Sinigang ni Kagawad doesn’t differ. Customers can find them in a side street where only about 20 people or less can dine. Monoblock and plastic chairs and tables, noisy streets, and just casual or almost home clothes. Most of the customers are locals, workers, and other people from other cities. Even though the ambiance may not be as comfy, it still adds to the homey feeling. However, despite its humble exterior, Sinigang ni Kagawad’s sinigang has gained a loyal following over the years. The eatery can only accommodate small groups, so it’s always best to come early. If not, be prepared to wait for a table. The eatery is always busy. Especially during lunchtime, when office workers and students flock to the eatery to satisfy their craving for Sinigang.

When you visit Sinigang ni Kagawad, make sure to order their signature sinigang (Php 120 per order with rice). The pork jaw, eye, and head are cooked to perfection, and the broth is rich and flavorful. Somehow, it reminded me of Sinigang buto-buto because the cuts have huge bones still. But unlike buto-buto (bones), the part they serve are meaty and the meat is tender. I can easily scrape it with a spoon! The vegetables are also fresh and add a nice balance of sweetness to the sourness of the soup. I didn’t need patis or fish sauce for this! *chef’s kiss* It’s just the perfect Sinigang flavor that we Filipinos love. They gave us the Sinigang still warm and it was so good with the rice. We finished it with soft drinks and it was just one of the most satisfying hearty lunch I ever had!

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