SM Mall of Asia; Exploring the Wonders of one of the Largest Malls

SM Mall of Asia - ANAther Travel Show

I want to share my wonderful experience visiting the Mall of Asia (MOA). This massive shopping destination in Manila, Philippines, has everything you could ever want under one roof. From countless stores to fantastic dining options and even an Ikea, MOA truly offers an unforgettable shopping adventure. SM Mall of Asia truly offers a comprehensive shopping and leisure experience. From popular international brands to local boutiques, it has something for everyone. With its vast selection of stores, diverse dining options, entertainment offerings, and exciting events, the mall continues to attract both locals and tourists alike. With a total floor area of approximately 4.2 million square feet, it is considered one of the largest malls in the world. Providing a memorable and enjoyable experience for all. Home decor, beauty products, and sporting goods are also available. So, let me take you on a journey through my time at this incredible mall.

As I approached the seaside rides, anticipation bubbled within me, envisioning the thrilling roller coasters and captivating attractions. Unfortunately, the rides were still closed at this early hour. Though disappointed, I knew there were plenty of other exciting experiences awaiting me within the mall. To satiate my hunger, I made my way to Biker’s Cafe, a cozy spot just outside the Mall of Asia. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee invited me inside. As I settled into a comfortable seat, I couldn’t help but notice the unique feature of a shower room available for visitors. While I didn’t avail myself of the opportunity, it was a thoughtful addition. I decided to treat myself to an iced Americano and a delectable omelette, savoring the delightful flavors that complemented my morning. With my hunger satisfied, I embarked on a journey through the sprawling SM Mall of Asia.

An all-in-one mall

The sheer size of the place was awe-inspiring, and I found myself immersed in a shopper’s paradise. From fashion boutiques to electronic stores, sports shops, and more, the mall offered many options for every budget and taste. I leisurely strolled through the aisles, admiring the vast array of merchandise, and occasionally stopping to browse and make a purchase. The lively atmosphere and friendly faces of fellow shoppers added to the charm of the experience. One of the highlights of my visit to the Mall of Asia was the presence of Ikea. As a fan of their stylish and affordable furniture, I was eager to explore their showroom. Stepping into Ikea, I was greeted by meticulously designed spaces showcasing various home setups, sparking inspiration for my abode. From cozy beds to practical kitchenware, and comfortable sofas to ingenious storage solutions, Ikea had it all.

In my mind, I created interior designs I would apply to my house if I had one. Unfortunately, I live in a medium-sized condo so I guess I’ll keep the designs in my mind for now. Of course, I can put some of them in my condo but I already have enough furniture in it. They’re actually quite a lot now and I don’t want to dispose of any of it yet. Maybe next time when I have a house! Beyond shopping and dining, SM Mall of Asia offers a host of entertainment and leisure activities. The mall features multiple cinemas, including an IMAX theater, where movie enthusiasts can catch the latest blockbusters. There are also amusement centers with exciting rides and arcade games, as well as a bowling alley for some friendly competition. Additionally, MOA has a seaside promenade where visitors can enjoy a walk or witness breathtaking sunsets.


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How to get there?

Via Public Transportation

  • Board the MRT: Head to the nearest MRT station and purchase a ticket or load your stored value card (e.g., beep card) with the sufficient fare for your journey.
  • Take the MRT Line 3 (Blue Line): Look for the MRT Line 3 platform and ensure you’re heading southbound (towards Taft Avenue).
  • Alight at the Taft Avenue Station: Stay on the train until you reach the Taft Avenue Station, the last station of MRT Line 3. This station is also connected to the LRT (Light Rail Transit) Line 1.
  • Transfer to LRT Line 1 (Yellow Line): Follow the signs indicating the transfer to LRT Line 1. You will need to exit the MRT station and enter the LRT Line 1 station.
  • Purchase an LRT ticket: If you don’t have a stored value card that works on LRT Line 1, buy a ticket for your destination. Make sure to have the sufficient fare.
  • Ride LRT Line 1 (Yellow Line): Board the LRT Line 1 train heading towards Baclaran.
  • Alight at EDSA Station: Stay on the LRT train until you reach the EDSA Station. This is the station closest to SM Mall of Asia.
  • Exit the station: Once you’ve arrived at EDSA Station, follow the signs directing you to the exit. You’ll find yourself at the corner of EDSA and Taft Avenue.
  • Take a UV Express or Jeepney: From the EDSA Station, you can find UV Express vans or jeepneys with signs that indicate they’re heading to SM Mall of Asia. These public vehicles will take you directly to the mall.
  • Arrival at SM Mall of Asia: The UV Express van or jeepney will drop you off at SM Mall of Asia. Simply disembark at the designated stop, and you’ll be at your destination.

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