SM Mall of Asia – Christmas Lights “NIGHT OF LIGHTS” Illumination Park 2023

SM Mall of Asia (MOA) is an expansive shopping mall in Pasay City, Philippines. It is one of the largest and most famous shopping complexes not only in the Philippines but also in Asia. The mall houses a diverse range of retail stores, offering everything from fashion and electronics to home goods and more. There are International and local brands as well, making it a comprehensive shopping destination. Furthermore, a lot of visitors come for their IMAX theater, skating rink, and seaside amusement park called “SM by the Bay.” Around the area are various restaurants with a view of Manila Bay, carnival games, and a massive Ferris wheel known as the MOA Eye. SM Mall of Asia also hosts events, concerts, and shows. It has been a venue for both local and international artists. Recently, it has undergone expansions to enhance its offerings and accommodate the growing number of visitors.

Among its many attractions, the SM Mall of Asia Sky Garden is a recent addition, offering a captivating experience for visitors, especially during the holiday season. Perched on the third floor and providing a breathtaking view of Manila Bay, the Sky Garden has been a welcoming retreat since September. This public attraction has quickly become a haven for families, friends, and loved ones looking to gather and unwind. That includes me and my kids! My family and I went recently to check out this new attraction. Greeting visitors are gigantic Teddy Bear and Santa Claus statues, bringing joy to both the young and the young at heart. Furthermore, a playground invites parents and children to connect and share fun moments amidst the vibrant surroundings. It also has a giant staircase, adorned with flowing water and glowing lights, which becomes the centerpiece that sets the stage for an enchanting atmosphere.

Night of Lights

Embracing the festive spirit, the SM Mall of Asia Sky Garden transforms into the “MOA NIGHT OF LIGHTS Christmas Illumination Park” from November 16 to January 7, 2024. Open every day from 5:30 PM until the mall closes, this seasonal spectacle promises an unforgettable experience. The park features a Giant Christmas tree, enchanting lit swings, a captivating tunnel of lights, and more. Located at L3, South Entertainment Mall of SM Mall of Asia, it’s a must-visit destination during the holiday season. Guests will have the opportunity to discover various pop-themed zones, all illuminated by an impressive display of over 3 million lights synchronized with music. Furthermore, roof sheds provide shelter, and chairs offer comfortable spots for visitors to relax while enjoying the panoramic view. The Sky Garden isn’t just a feast for the eyes. It’s a backdrop for creating lasting memories, providing an Instagrammable setting with its festive theme.

There are benches throughout the garden that offer respites for visitors to relax and take in the serene atmosphere. The presence of clean comfort rooms enhances the overall convenience of the park. During our visit, there were too many people all over. Especially in the playground area. I expected less for a Thursday night but it just shows that families are truly eager to visit after school and office hours. But it’s not only for the young and young at heart, I saw a lot of people with their pets as well. For pet lovers, the Sky Garden accommodates furry friends as long as they are carried, leashed, or placed in a pet carrier. As part of SM Mall of Asia’s continuous growth, plans for expansion in both the south and north wing sections of the mall are underway. This promises more exciting offerings for visitors for years to come.


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How to get there?

Via Public Transportation

  • Board the MRT: Head to the nearest MRT station and purchase a ticket or load your stored value card (e.g., beep card) with sufficient fare for your journey.
  • Take the MRT Line 3 (Blue Line): Look for the MRT Line 3 platform and ensure you’re heading southbound (towards Taft Avenue).
  • Alight at the Taft Avenue Station: Stay on the train until you reach the Taft Avenue Station, the last station of MRT Line 3. This station is also connected to the LRT (Light Rail Transit) Line 1.
  • Transfer to LRT Line 1 (Yellow Line): Follow the signs indicating the transfer to LRT Line 1. You will need to exit the MRT station and enter the LRT Line 1 station.
  • Purchase an LRT ticket: If you don’t have a stored value card that works on LRT Line 1, buy a ticket for your destination. Make sure to have sufficient fare.
  • Ride LRT Line 1 (Yellow Line): Board the LRT Line 1 train heading towards Baclaran.
  • Alight at EDSA Station: Stay on the LRT train until you reach the EDSA Station. This is the station closest to SM Mall of Asia.
  • Exit the station: Once you’ve arrived at EDSA Station, follow the signs directing you to the exit. You’ll find yourself at the corner of EDSA and Taft Avenue.
  • Take a UV Express or Jeepney: From the EDSA Station, you can find UV Express vans or jeepneys with signs that indicate they’re heading to SM Mall of Asia. These public vehicles will take you directly to the mall.
  • Arrival at SM Mall of Asia: The UV Express van or jeepney will drop you off at SM Mall of Asia. Simply disembark at the designated stop, and you’ll be at your destination.

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