The Fun Roof Poblacion – Was it really fun? What went wrong?

The Fun Roof - ANAther Travel Show

The Fun Roof in Matheus Building, Poblacion, Makati is a now trending rooftop entertainment spot for the young at heart. This expansive adult playground redefines nightlife, offering a variety of engaging activities, a lively neon-lit atmosphere, and a diverse menu for a memorable experience. From shuriken throws and crazy golf to a functional carousel, batting cage, feather bowling, and more, this venue guarantees continuous enjoyment, all set against the urban backdrop of the city skyline. The neon-lit rooftop bar creates an ambiance for adults seeking a lively and exciting atmosphere. The venue offers the thrill of gaming with the pulsating energy of a vibrant nightlife scene. They have unique spots for groups such as the carousel, capable of accommodating up to 20 people, and four exclusive cabanas for groups of up to 10. Moreover, reservations for these neon-lit spots are highly recommended, with a consumable fee ensuring a premium experience.

The Fun Roof also has an indoor dining spot for smaller groups. They offer seats and tables good for up to 4 people with a consumable fee. Reservations are also required! Moreover, this area is perfect for those who visit just to listen to music, to drink, and to dine. Live DJs, artists, and bands are present to enhance the fun and entertainment during the evenings. The Play Pass is your golden ticket for thrill-seekers looking to conquer The Fun Roof’s games. Priced at Php 1,200 for a solo player and Php 1,000 per person for two players, this pass unlocks unlimited access to all available games. Alternatively, guests can opt for single-game passes, ranging from Php 100 to Php 500 per game. The Fun Roof also provides packages for celebrations. Including birthdays, bachelorette parties, Christmas parties, and other intimate gatherings, with packages starting as low as Php 15,000.

My Experience

Our experience at The Fun Roof was anticipated to be enjoyable, but unfortunately, it had numerous hiccups that left us frustrated. Upon arriving at 6:50 PM for our 7 PM reservation, the guard informed us that they would accommodate us on time and requested government IDs. Despite presenting a photo of a government ID, the guard insisted on a physical ID. Specifically, a passport. This caused confusion and frustration since he said he would accept photos of ANY government IDs. We paid for a reserved table for four so we expected a seamless experience. However, we had to wait for another 10 minutes as the staff cleared the table. Upon arriving, customers were still dining on our table. The indoor space was overcrowded causing 10 more minutes of waiting outside. Additionally, it took multiple attempts to get our order placed. We waited 2 hours for our food to arrive!

Despite efforts to catch the attention of a staff member, it seemed like we were deliberately ignored. Leading us to believe there might have been a lack of coordination among the staff. Our hunger and frustration reached peak levels as we waited almost an hour for our drinks and endured subsequent delays for our food. The last batch of pizza and chicken tenders arrived after much follow-up, leaving us with the impression that the service was unorganized and inefficient. Amid these challenges, it’s only fair to acknowledge the efforts of one staff member. He took our order, attended to our table, and proactively followed up on our food. However, the overall experience left much to be desired. The Fun Roof needs to improve its service quality, especially given the extra premium charge for the service. Overall, the food, games, and ambiance are top-notch but the service spoils everything.


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How to get there?

Via Public Transportation

  1. From Ayala MRT Station:
    • Upon reaching Ayala MRT Station, head towards the ground level.
    • Look for jeepneys or buses bound for Kalayaan Avenue or Guadalupe.
    • Board a jeepney or bus and inform the driver to drop you off at Poblacion.
  2. From Ayala Avenue:
    • If you’re at Ayala Avenue, you can find buses or jeepneys going to Kalayaan Avenue or Guadalupe.
    • Board one of these vehicles and let the driver know you’re heading to Poblacion.
  3. Arrival in Poblacion:
    • Once you’ve arrived in Poblacion, ask locals or use a navigation app to guide you to Matheus Building.
    • The Fun Roof is located atop Matheus Building. You may need to navigate through the streets of Poblacion to reach the building.

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