Tiabuela: A Spanish Restobar in Makati


First time trying alcoholic ice cream at Tiabuela!

A famous song goes, “They can imitate you, but they can’t duplicate you, ‘Cause you got something special, that makes me wanna taste you… Whatcha gon’, whatcha gon’ do with that dessert?”

Today, let’s try a dessert with a twist. Have you ever tried a sweet that had alcohol in it? That’s what we’re going to do with the dessert.



Tiabuela is a Spanish-style restaurant on Jacobo Street in Dona Carmen, Makati. They have a menu of dishes you won’t find anywhere else.

Just a quick trivia, Tia and Abuela are both Spanish words that signify “aunt” and “grandmother,” respectively. Excellent name for their idea of combining liquor with Spanish cuisine.

This establishment has a great ambiance. Its decor mixes Spanish and retro styles, and the lighting contributes aesthetic sensations. 


Apart from food, this bar has a great entertainment to offer. They have a radio DJ who plays from 9 PM to 2 AM. Get your ears trippin’ on some good music!

I was loving their music! Even though the disc jockey hadn’t shown up yet, the sound was so good that I couldn’t help but dance to it.

Queen’s Park Swizzle

The Queen’s Park Swizzle I ordered set me back merely P350. It has a refreshingly minty taste that lingers on my tongue. I love It!

Beso de Rosas

And for P420, you may get one of their signature dishes, the Beso de Rosas. Don’t be fooled by the vanilla ice cream topping; this sweet has a surprise in store for you as it is filled with an alcoholic beverage beneath.

I believe I can make it myself; all I need to do is prepare vanilla ice cream and regular gin, and voilà, we can have our own Beso de Rosas at home.

Boquerones en Vinagre

For our snack, we ordered the Boquerones en Vinagre or Anchovies Marinated in Vinegar which cost P350. In Spain, these tasty and healthy little fish are cooked in various ways, including salt-cured, marinated, pickled, battered, and fried. 

You may try this dish since it is pretty tasty with salad and bread. However, I wouldn’t suggest this to people who are allergic to fish.

Should You Try it?

If you’re an adult, you should definitely check out the Tiabuela; it’s the perfect place to spend a Friday night with your friends and enjoy the bar’s cuisine and entertainment. They are open daily from 4 PM to 2 AM.

Tiabuela Vlog

If you’d like to see more of my food trip to Tiabuela, please watch my vlog below!

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That concludes our gastronomic adventure for the day. I’ll see you on our next thrilling ANAther adventure. Adios!

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